iform Windows 98 2nd Ed./IE5 Quick Set-Up Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Windows 98 Second Edition/Internet Explorer 5 system for dial up access to iForm.

* You must have registered an account with iForm and received an email address, an account/logon user name, and a password.
* You must have already installed your modem under Windows 98.
* You may need a Windows 98 CD to complete this. This must be the same version of Win 98 that was last installed.
* "Double-click" = two quick successive clicks on the LEFT mouse button.
* You must be running Internet Explorer 5 to use this guide (supplied as the default browser with Windows 98 2nd Edition after July 1999). If you have IE4 or earlier, or another brand of browser (eg: Netscape Navigator/Communicator) then please contact iForm to obtain our Windows 95/98 Setup Guide. You can usually identify a program and version number by running it, and clicking on Help and then clicking on About (Program Name).
* Should you encounter any problems and are satisfied that you have followed the steps provided, please review the iForm Troubleshooting Guide that you should have received with this document, or contact iForm to obtain it.

1) Running the Connection Wizard
On a new Win98-2E system you should see 3 internet related icons on the desktop area - "Setup MSN Internet Access", "Connect to the Internet" and "Internet Explorer".
If you have ALL 3 icons, then: Delete the "MSN Internet Access" icon by single clicking on that icon (so it turns blue) and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Next double-click on the "Connect to the Internet" icon, and skip to step 2) of this guide. (If you do not delete the MSN icon, the Connection Wizard will repeatedly try to connect you to MSN.)
If you have only the two icons "Connect to the Internet" and "Internet Explorer" then double-click on the "Connect to the Internet" icon, and skip to step 2) of this guide.
If you only have the "Internet Explorer" icon, then double-click on that icon, and (cancel any connection or error messages) click on "Tools" then click on "Internet Options...", then select the "Connections" tab, and click on the "Setup..." button to use the Connection Wizard, and continue following this guide.

2) Configuring the Connection Wizard
2.1 You should now have the Internet Connection Wizard open. Select the third option "I want to setup my Internet connection manually, or I want to connect through a local area network (LAN)" and click on Next>.
2.2 Select the first option "I connect through a phone line and a modem" and click on Next>.
2.3 Type 02 in the Area Code box. Type 93377899 in the Telephone number box. Choose Australia (61) in the Country code box. Untick (remove the tick from) the "Dial using the area code and country code" tick box. Then click on the "Advanced..." button.
2.4 In the Advanced Connection Properties window leave the default settings of "PPP" and "None", and select the "Addresses" tab. Leave the default setting for IP address to "Internet service provider automatically provides one". In the DNS server address section, select the "Always use the following" option. Type in the Primary DNS server box: and type in the Alternate DNS server box: and click OK, then click Next>.
2.5 Type in your User name. This is your account name as given to you by iForm, not your real name, and should match the prefix of the email address you chose (eg if you chose jcitisen@iform.com.au as your email address, your user/account name will normally become jcitisen). Type in your password (usually all lower case). Click on Next>.
2.6 In Connection Name:, replace "Connection to 93377899" with iForm Internet. Click Next>.
2.7 Select Yes to setup your Internet mail account now, and click Next>.
2.8 If an existing email account exists a window will apear to choose to Create a new Account or Use an Existing account. If the existing account is an iForm email account then choose to Use the existing account and select it, and check that the settings are correct. If they are not correct select "Change settings" and click Next> and follow from step 2.9, otherwise choose "Accept settings" and click Next> and skip to step 2.13. If the existing email account is NOT an iForm email account then select "Create a new Internet mail account" and click Next>.
2.9 Type your full name or name as you would like it to appear to others in your emails and click Next>.
2.10 In Email Address: type your full email address. eg jcitisen@iform.com.au then click Next>.
2.11 Leave the default mail server type as a POP3 server.
2.12 In the "Incoming mail (POP3) server:" box, if you have an @iform.com.au email address type mail.iform.com.au otherwise if you have an @iform.net.au email address type in mail.iform.net.au
2.13 For the "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:", if you have an @iform.com.au email address type mailout.iform.com.au otherwise if you have an @iform.net.au email address type in mailout.iform.net.au
and click Next>.
2.14 For account name type in your full email address eg jcitisen@iform.com.au or jcitisen@iform.net.au .
2.15 Type in your password. Leave "Remember password" ticked. Click Next>.
2.16 Read the final completion window, and click Finish.

3) Configuring IE5
3.1 Upon closing the Connection Wizard, Windows will open IE5 automatically and offer to dial up to iForm. Click on Work Offline. (If IE5 does not open, double-click on the "Internet Explorer" icon.)
3.2 Click on Tools (in the command line) and click on "Internet Options...".
3.3 Under the General tab, you will see "Home Page:". Replace http://www.msn.com with http://www.iform.com.au and press Apply.
3.4 Click on the Connections tab. You should see iForm listed as a dial-up setting. If iForm is not listed then use the connection wizard by clicking on Setup... and follow this guide from step 2). If iForm is not the current default setting then make it the default dial-up by clicking on it (highlighting it) and then clicking on the Set Default button.
3.5 With iForm highlighted, click on the Settings... button. Make sure that both tick boxes under the Automatic Configuration section are UNTICKED (ie empty) and also Use a Proxy Server is unticked.
3.6 Click OK to close the iForm Internet settings window.
3.7 Under the Dial-up settings section check that "Always dial my default connection" is selected and click OK to close the Internet Options window.
3.8 Close IE5.

To connect to the internet double-click on the Internet Explorer icon, and press Connect at the dial-up to iForm window. The modem will dial and once your account is verified the Welcome to iForm screen will appear. Now you can browse, or read and send email by clicking on the Mail icon on the navigation toolbar of IE5.

We hope this guide has been of help to you, and has been as accurate as possible. Please review the iForm Troubleshooting Guide if you experience any problems you cannot solve.
If you think there are any mistakes, omissions, or you have any suggestions that would make this guide easier to understand, please email us at support@iform.com.au